As promised (to your counselor, but also to yourself) you did the three days. Half hour each of speed walking on the treadmill. You moved your body. You felt your heart rapidly beating. You sweated. You breathed. You worked your body, and felt your muscles in respond. It felt good.

Is that frequency enough? To answer that, I suppose it would help to first wonder what is your goal here.

A balance?

Weight loss? (And for whom?)


A little bit of column A, B and C?

And when you were done, you took those pictures. Pictures you claimed would be your before shots.

Before what, exactly?

Pictures of your full body hugged tightly in workout clothes. No belly to be hidden, all of it there in it’s every curve – loudly so. Pictures that perhaps you’ll one day put up on your “never going to happen” dating profile.

You mean that jokingly, but do you?

If they can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best.

You walked.


It was more than a walk.

And for whom still begs the question.

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